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First off, thank you so very much for your support and curiousity! Please use the below options for all of your contact and FAQ needs. :)
- Hunter (ZabaCards/ZabaTV)

Why ZabaCards?

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Where is my order?
Processing/Receiving Orders
Each order placed is received instantly on my side. Cards are MADE TO ORDER. Meaning every order is made after point of purchase. As such, we produce orders every Tuesday. If you purchase a card after Tuesday and select a shipping time-frame, please note - this is a shipping estimate from the day we ship. This does not expedite production. USPS provides these shipping estimates and if this does not arrive to you in an adequate time from the following Tuesday, please hit up their customer support or check your tracking for more information.
Shipping Times
You will receive notification of shipment when I "Fulfill" the order. This means your order is set to ship and will within 24 hours of this notification. Shipping times vary drastically by country. I ship from the central United States.
Domestically in the United States, expect ~1-2 weeks for base envelope shipping, or as soon as 3 days from shipment date for our First Class Package service.
Internationally, expect 2-4 weeks with our standard service and 1-3 weeks if you choose International Package. This does not include VAT and will be dutiable.

USPS has completely suspended service to multiple countries. Click here for full list.
Additionally, expect potential delays internationally due to COVID-19. Each country is different. Just be prepared to be patient and know that after I ship, nothing is under my control. It is in the hands of your country's postal service.

Value-Added Tax (VAT)
Is VAT included in my order price?
No. At this time, we do not have a way to predicatively charge this given the multitude of rates worldwide. It is your responsibility to check with your country's current VAT rates and pay any due to your country's postal system when your order arrives in your country. See this link: and your country's post office website for more details.
How often does VAT apply to an order?
For US citizens, never. For international citizens - I have not seen most orders get hit by a VAT requirement. However if your order has shipping that includes tracking with a detailed custom's form necessary, and the value is over $100 and includes many cards you are more than likely going to see some form of VAT if your country charges.

Do you make FULLY custom cards?
One-off personalized cards
(Examples: Make me a supporter card, help me propose to my lover, make a Shadow Pikachu!)

As a full time customizer I am capable and willing to produce nearly anything conceivable. Pricing will vary depending on project and quantity, but in general I prefer that you have art in hand that I may convert using my templates into cards. If you don't, we can still work something out, I will just advise you towards a partner of mine depending on the nature of the card to acquire said art. Please contact me using the options above and your full plan to begin.
Supplier Level/Manufacture my card for me!

(Examples: Sell your own arts on eBay, add something special to your collection, or host a giveaway!)
I am able to offer this service as well. Large quantities welcome. I can print and make your finished card arts into customs FOR YOU. Of course, the more you buy the lower per card price I can offer. I've done this successfully with many partners and continue to, to this day.

How do I partner with you and what do you payout?
When I started this, I was VERY fortunate to come across some extremely high skill and charismatic artists. Each with a diverse skill-set and community. Together, we made ZabaCards a reality. As the community expands and blank spaces artistically are filled in by new artists I'm always on the lookup for more talent to add to the group. (It doesn't even have to be cards!) We split profits and there are massive bonuses awaiting at select sales milestones ;)
What does it take?

I am currently seeking artists that offer something our existing network DOESN'T OFFER. Can you do something we can't, or on a whole other level? Let's talk. However.... that's not the only way (see below).
Fakemon Communities
OK, so you make a Fakemon or new region and you want to partner up and produce a set for your these. What do we do? Well, a few things. 1. You can get preorders for cards. Once you hit 10 for any single card I will produce it and sell at a standard rate, else there are card design fees (
see personalized cards section) 2. You can PAY the card design fee and use me as your supplier! 3. You can continue building your community. At some point we will fall into a win-win territory with social reach as payment for design time and can partner up! Keep at it. Anything is possible :)

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