Mr. It Custom Pokemon Card Silver Holographic

Mr. IT Custom Pokemon Card

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Name: Mr. IT

HP: 60
Type: Psychic
Ability: Transform - Once per turn, at any point during you or your opponent's turn this Pokemon may transform into any Pokemon in play. (Any cards attached to this Pokemon, damage counters, Special Conditions, turns in play and all other effects remain on this Pokemon.) It may still use Deadlight.
(P)(U) Deadlight - Flip 2 coins. If both are Heads your opponent's Active Pokemon is sent to the Lost Zone. Take 1 Prize card. (You may only take two Prize cards per game with Deadlight's effect.)
Weakness: (F) x2
Resistance: (D)-20
Retreat: None
Set: Z2 Pack 31/100

Artists: jatrick_art

Each card starts as a standard Pokemon card. I layer on a special mix of adhesive holographic vinyl making it foil, next, using a transparently printed rendition of this art I adhesive the card stock and the imagery together and cut down to shape. Voila! You now have, the greatest proxy/custom Pokemon card ever to use in home play!

You are paying for the supplies, and labor to create a custom card using a legal, actual Pokemon card as a canvas for custom made art. These cards are not tournament legal but I do my best to make them playable at home within the current TCG meta. :)