Lunumbra Base Set Pack- Pokemon Cards + Extended Art Reprint Pack Custom Packs

Lunumbra Base Set Pack- Pokemon Cards + Extended Art Reprint Pack

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This custom pack includes the following:

  • 10 individual Pokémon Trading Cards consisting of cards from as early as Black & White through the most recent pack
  • 7 Common/Uncommon/Rare Non-Holos
  • 1 Trainer Card
  • 1 Reverse or Holographic of any rarity
  • 1 EX, BREAK, GX (or better)*
  • +PLUS 1 base set extended art reprint custom card with art by @Lunumbra, made by @ZabaCards
  • 11% off discount code for your next pack
  • 1:10 chance for an ADDITIONAL LUNUMBRA CARD**

*Odds of Full Art, Rainbow Rare or Gold Card approx. 1:10
The custom card included will be randomly selected from the entire base set collection of Lunumbra designs available at

Thank you truly for the support. You rock. Lunumbra & ZabaCards

You are paying for the supplies, and labor to create a custom card pack using my own materials, real Pokemon cards from my collection for the majority of the actual Pokemon pack and then an actual Pokemon card as a canvas for custom-made art. Custom cards are not tournament legal but they do make really cute collection pieces :)

By purchasing you are accepting that you understand I am including a custom card in this pack and that this card is not created by The Pokemon Company or Nintendo.