Laughing Pikachu End of YouTube Premium Pack!

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Celebrate the legacy of Laughing Pikachu with her final collaboration on YouTube - a Premium pack featuring cards she pulled over the years and more!

This custom pack includes the following:

  • Every limited edition premium pack includes:
  • 1 Signature Card
  • 1 Hannah & Laughing Pikachu GX custom card
  • 3 real cards from her collection that she pulled on the channel (Japanese or English holos, EX, GX, BREAK and full arts are all available)
  • 4 custom Pikachu cards from the collection
  • 1 Golden Laughing Pikachu GX custom card.

"Don't ever be ashamed to be you, because you are your own type of beautiful."
-Laughing Pikachu

See Laughing Pikachu's final video and showcase of this pack here:

ZabaTV Unboxing video:

You are paying for the supplies, and labor to create a custom card pack using my own materials and actual Pokemon cards as a canvas for custom-made art on top of them. Custom cards are not tournament legal but they do make really cute collection pieces :)

By purchasing you are accepting that you understand I am including only custom cards in this pack and that these cards are not created by The Pokemon Company, Nintendo, Wizards of the Coast or any other entity and do not represent a claim that I own this intellectual property. All licenses are held by their respective owners. You are paying for my time to make this custom art pack for you.