Blastoise 2/102 8"x10.5" Holographic Poster + Card Gift Set

Blastoise 2/102 8"x10.5" Holographic Poster + Card Gift Set

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This combo set includes a 8"x10.5" fully holographic poster and a fully holographic Blastoise 2/102 Base set extended art reprint based on the stunning art from legendary artist @Lunumbra!

Artists: Lunumbra & Ken Sugimori

Support your favorite artist and impress your friends with these high quality custom cards and eye-catching holographic posters!

You are paying for the supplies and labor necessary to create a holographic poster and a custom card using a legal, actual Pokemon card as a canvas for custom made art. These are layered works. Your ordering of this product shows you acknowledge I am making no claim to own the images and characters contained within. These are owned by their respective trademark holders including but not limited to The Pokemon Company Inc., GameFreak and Nintendo. Thank you for the support, and please, support the upcoming game and official card release. :)