Zaba Collector Pack- Pokemon Cards + Custom Card Pack Packs

Zaba Collector Pack- Pokemon Cards + Custom Card Pack

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This custom pack includes the following:

  • 10 individual Pokémon Trading Cards consisting of cards from as early as Black & White through the most recent pack
  • 7 Common/Uncommon/Rare Non-Holos
  • 1 Trainer Card
  • 1 Reverse or Holographic of any rarity
  • 1 EX, BREAK, GX (or better)*
  • +PLUS 1 custom-built trading card by @ZabaCards
  • 11% off discount code for your next pack
  • 1:10 chance for an ADDITIONAL ULTRA RARE CUSTOM**

*Odds of Full Art, Rainbow Rare or Gold Card approx. 1:10
The custom card included will be randomly selected from the ZabaCards designs available at

**ULTRA RARE custom describes a custom card made with Metallic, Wooden, Magnetic or otherwise premium materials. This card may also includes selective texturing, holographics, 3D effects, 1-of-a-kind elements or grant the ability of flight...OK, one of those isn’t quite true, but it will be amazing and it will make you want another!

Thank you truly for the support. You rock. Hunter (ZabaCards)

You are paying for the supplies, and labor to create a custom card pack using my own materials, real Pokemon cards from my collection for the majority of the actual Pokemon pack and then an actual Pokemon card as a canvas for custom-made art. Custom cards are not tournament legal but they do make really cute collection pieces :)

By purchasing you are accepting that you understand I am including a custom card in this pack and that this card is not created by The Pokemon Company or Nintendo.