Dark Flareon Jolteon & Vaporeon Triple Pack Lunumbra Extended Arts! Non-Holographic Custom Pokemon

Dark Flareon, Jolteon & Vaporeon TRIPLE PACK Lunumbra EXTENDED ARTS!

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Dark Vaporeon, Dark Jolteon & Dark Flareon have had their arts extended and are reforged into modern cards with art by Lunumbra, and effects & production by ZabaTV. Textless versions are reprints of the hand painted ones by Lunumbra. Support your favorite card extender and impress your friends by adding these reprints to your collection.

View each card on their own:

Dark Flareon Team Rocket 35/82 Extended Art Custom Pokemon Card

Dark Jolteon Team Rocket 38/82 Extended Art Custom Pokemon Card

Dark Vaporeon Team Rocket 45/82 Extended Art Custom Pokemon Card

**An example of selective holographic can be found here: https://www.instagram.com/p/B4LHdiNF6eA


Each card is handmade to order and custom created just for you. Comes with special note from ZabaTV and a discount code on your next order!

Let's make history and put the power to design custom cards back in the hands of the fans.

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