Dual Pack Ho-Oh + Lugia Nefarious Extended Arts! Custom Pokemon Card

DUAL PACK Ho-Oh + Lugia Nefarious EXTENDED ARTS!

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Nefarious Painted Creations, has partnered up with me to create this amazing combo set of Legendary birds. Don't miss this combo set of Johto's best!


Lugia Unseen Forces 29/115 Extended Art Custom Pokemon Card + Original text overlay.
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Ho-Oh Unseen Forces 27/115 Extended Art Custom Pokemon Card + Original text overlay
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Each card is handmade to order and custom created just for you. Comes with special note from ZabaTV and a discount code on your next order!

Let's make history and put the power to design custom cards back in the hands of the fans.

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**An example of selective holographic can be found here: https://www.instagram.com/p/B4LHdiNF6eA