Entire Collection (All 7+Bonus) Christmas Pack Custom Pokemon Cards Card

ENTIRE Collection (All 7+Bonus) Christmas Pack Custom Pokemon Cards

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These cards were featured in the December Zaba Pack, get the next pack at http://patreon.com/zabatv

You will receive the cards you see in the pictures above. These include:

Alolan Vulpix ExtendedArt (Starlight Art Version) (Pictured Keruart card is discontinued, please see Starlight Art link for card you will receive.)
Alolan Vulpix
Christmas Charmander
Christmas Pikachu
Christmas Pikachu (Version 2)
Christmas Raichu
Delibird GX
(BONUS CARD) Christmas Lillie's Cosmog Exclusive to Patreon and full pack purchasers. Will never be sold alone.

Each card starts as a standard Pokemon card. I layer on a special mix of adhesive holographic vinyl making it foil, next, using a transparently printed rendition of this art I adhesive the card stock and the imagery together and cut down to shape. Voila! You now have, the greatest proxy/custom Pokemon card ever to use in home play!

You are paying for the supplies, and labor to create a custom card using a legal, actual Pokemon card as a canvas for custom made art. These cards are not tournament legal but I do my best to make them playable at home within the current TCG meta. :)