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After 5 years of rocking the custom cards world, this journey of ours is now at an end. Thank you so very much for the incredible support and passion that you've shared with us during this time. While this era has ended, a new one has begun. All the artists you know and love from our work here are joining back together to form a new Trading Card Game, NostalgixTCG. We launched a Kickstarter for this in mid-November and broke every Kickstarter record in the books. Our 185 card base set is fully designed and hundreds of games have been played. This game is a gorgeous and it's a blast to play if you too grew up playing big 3 TCGs. We hope to see you join us in this new journey as we aim to change the world through trading cards one more time. -Zaba and Friends Visit to see the latest surprises we have in store. Final Orders Note: All orders placed in the past week are being worked on as rapidly as possible by our small team and will be shipped in full in the coming weeks in the order they were received. You will receive tracking via email when shipped. Thank you for your patience and tremendous support in collecting with us.

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