Wartortle 42/102 Base Set (+Text) Extended Art Custom Pokemon Card

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Custom Card Description:

Masterclass artist Lunumbra meticulously extended the original art of this classic base set card into what you see here using acrylic paints and a steady hand.

After carefully making an UHD scan of this, I'm now able to add the original attacks and ability BACK onto the card and give everyone something they never knew they needed. Enjoy the first extended art Base Set with text! Can you imagine if Pokemon had done this with Base Set :O

Support your favorite card extender and blow your friends minds when they see this card in your collection.

Artists: Lunumbra & Ken Sugimori

Each card starts as a standard Pokemon card. I layer on a special mix of adhesive holographic vinyl making it foil, next, using a transparently printed rendition of this art I adhesive the card stock and the imagery together and cut down to shape. Voila! You now have, the greatest proxy/custom Pokemon card ever to use in home play!

You are paying for the supplies, and labor to create a custom card using a legal, actual Pokemon card as a canvas for custom made art.