Reshiram & Zekrom Golden Custom Ultra Pro 2-Pocket Pro-Binder Pokemon Packs

Reshiram & Zekrom GOLDEN Custom Ultra Pro 2-Pocket PRO-Binder

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This custom binder started as a Ultra Pro 2-Pocket PRO-Binder that I have customized with a golden foil print of Lunumbra's epic Reshiram & Zekrom extended art.

The binder holds up to 80 cards and features:

  • An elastic strap that holds the binder closed
  • Acid-free, PVC-free, archival grade binder for collectible gaming and trading cards
  • Low friction black backing material for easy card insertion
  • Holds up to standard 2-1/2 x 3-1/2 trading card sizes
  • Side-loading pages to hold cards securely within the binder

Thank you truly for the support. You rock. Lunumbra & ZabaCards

You are paying for the supplies, and labor to create a custom binder using my own materials and an actual Ultra Pro Binder with art layered on top of it to make this amazing piece. Custom cards are not included in this product but you are welcome to use it for custom or official cards :D

*Note that the toner on this binder may fade or scratch over time as the foil is not 100% adhesive. Consider these scratches a natural aging of the work and keep it safe. The underlying binder will not scratch easily.

By purchasing you are accepting that you understand I am including only custom cards in this pack and that these cards are not created by The Pokemon Company, Nintendo, Ultra Pro, Wizards of the Coast or any other entity and do not represent a claim that I own this intellectual property. All licenses are held by their respective owners. You are paying for my time to make this custom art pack for you.