Custom Card Ready To Print & Ship Fully

Custom Card Ready to Print & Ship

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This is where you can place an order for a FULLY PRINT READY card.

What does that mean exactly?
We will print the exact file you send and ship you that on a card. No template work will be done. If you need template work, we recommend @sophiekelevra , @edwin.san59 , @drewzcustomcards , @rushfortacos , or @pokemondecals for this service. Each has their own availability and each charges their own fee for template work, DM them for details.

Disclaimer/Terms of Use
No refunds or returns will be provided for one off cards like this, please ensure the file you send is what you want printed.) I reserve the right to deny any print project for any reason. By submitting a custom card order you authorize you have permission to print the file for your own use and take sole, indelible legal responsibility for the imagery you submit. WE WILL NOT PRINT ANY OFFICIALLY RELEASED CARDS or cards featuring art stolen from an artist for any reason. Attempts to do so will result in a site-ban and reporting to said artist.

Image Upload Requirements
In the image upload on this page, please upload a JPG or PNG file of your card.
We request/recommend that this file is exactly 6.3cm x 8.8cm at 300dpi for Pokemon and MTG cards, and 5.9cm x 8.6cm at 300dpi for Yu-Gi-Oh cards.

Your dpi (or resolution) can be lower but this will affect image quality. We will print regardless and it is up to you to ensure this is up to your quality requirements.

If your image is larger than this, that is fine, as long as the image is the aspect ratio of your selected TCG card.

"Can I see what your Silver Foil and Selective Holographic look like first?"
Please visit . This is an Instagram Story that is pinned to the @ZabaCards Instagram page showing both versions of printing. You can also scroll through our past posts on Instagram to see various examples of each.

Bulk Discounts
Discounts will apply in checkout, but will not show in cart until you enter checkout. Here is a breakdown of the prices at various quantities for each printing method.

Silver Foil

Cost per card Quantity Cost % Discount
9.99 1 9.99 0
8.5 10 85 15%
7 25 175 30%
5 50 250 50%


Selective Holographic

Cost per card Quantity Cost % Discount
14.99 1 14.99 0
12.75 10 127.5 15%
10.5 25 262.5 30%
7.5 50 375 50%