Sabrinas Yard Uv Printed Custom Lantern With Rice Light (Limited To 5) Pokemon Card

(LAST ONE) Sabrina's Yard UV Printed Custom Lantern with Rice Light

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Stained-Glass UV Printed Halloween Lanterns

Only 5 of these have been made for this. Each is individually hand labeled 1/5 - 5/5 and signed by me. You will receive 1 of these 5 based on order of purchase.

Each lantern contains 1 rice light with 3 Duracell batteries, a lantern frame and 4 glass panes that can be removed using notches on the inside of the lantern located near the top of each glass pane. To turn on the lights, open the door and flick the switch on the rice light generator. 

Side 1 (Door): Misdreavus & Meowth's Bad Dream

Side 2: Gastly & Sableye's Plot

Side 3: Haunter's Brew

Side 4: Gengar's Dream Eater



I will ship these pre-assembled and surrounded by an immense amount of bubble wrap and bubble pillows in a roughly 12" x 12" x 14" box. Domestically in the US this will cost ~$20 - $40. We have been shipping glass using a similar method, and even internationally all have arrived safely.


I am NOW offering international shipping! There will be a flat charge of $50 for shipping. If for some reason your country ends up being $100+ in shipping cost I will ask if you'd like to cover the increase and then cancel if not, but in my experience shipping will cost me $40-$60 for most countries (plus shipping supplies).

*Glass Prints will not be sanded down. This means they will have squared corners. By purchasing this option you are accepting all risk for handling a glass surface. Please do so responsibly so you are not cut. The item is sturdy and professionally shaped but will shatter if dropped. Preventing this is entirely your responsibility and I will not refund or replace shattered items.

You are paying for the supplies, and labor to create a custom lantern using glass panes as a canvas for custom made art.